Working with us

Working with us

The D-alignersTM system is simple and efficient, and designed to benefit both you and the patient. Your local Correcteeth representative offers personalized service, and a convenient point of contact for any queries or issues that may arise. If you live in an area that does not have a local Correcteeth agent, you can still work with Correcteeth online to offer your patients the advantage of D-alignersTM at every stage of treatment. To begin working with D-alignersTM, follow the steps below:


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In order to use the D-alignersTM system, we require you to register with us. Please complete the registration process here.


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Doctor Informed Consent & Agreement

To ensure the best results, your patients are required to sign the D-alignersTM Informed Consent & Agreement forms.

This and other forms are available in the registration process.

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How to send a case

To open a new patient file, you will need to forward your clinical assessment to us. Your assessment should include:

  • Photos, X-rays and impressions of the patient’s teeth or scanned files from the models
  • A full report, including the submission forms, outlining your treatment plan and the desired end result.

You can forward the information directly online to Correcteeth or to the Correcteeth representative in your region. The information you supply will be used together with our advanced software to design a complete treatment plan.

If you wish to send a hard copy of the photos and impressions, or a CD of the digital data, you can mail it to us via the international postal service or courier of your choice. Please send us a copy and keep the originals, as we are unable to return the data to you.

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Approval of the treatment plan

Correcteeth will use your treatment plan to produce a series of 3D computer images of the patient’s teeth moved in incremental stages towards the corrected position.

The plan will be sent to you for your approval by mail or via your online Correcteeth account, and includes computerized graphics of the treatment process, the estimated  number of aligner sets required, and details about  bonded accessories and IPR options.

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D-alignersTM delivery

Upon receiving your approval of the treatment plan, Correcteeth will manufacture the first sets of D-alignersTM. Each set consists of two aligners of increasing thickness and progressive strength. . These aligners are dispatched to your clinic, and you pass them on to your patient.

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