Features & Benefits

and the world smiles with you.

Here’s a few important facts you should know about D-alignersTM:

D-alignersTM are transparent.

No one will know you are wearing them, so you can achieve the smile you want without interfering with your job, your social life or your self-esteem.

D-alignersTM are removable.

When you eat or drink, brush or floss, or need to attend an important meeting or special event, D-alignersTM are easily removed. It’s easy to maintain a high standard of oral hygiene with D-alignersTM, and you are not at all restricted in the types of foods you choose to enjoy.

D-alignersTM are custom made based on 3D computer images of your teeth, every step of the way.

D-alignersTM is the perfect aligner solution on the market that fits each set of aligners during the treatment process. Other aligner companies provide the entire series of aligners up front, based on computer model projections of your clinical progress. At Correcteeth, we produce each aligner in your customized series based on the impressions of your teeth taken by your orthodontist or dental practitioner during the treatment process, so each new set of D-alignersTM is a  perfect fit.

D-alignersTM are highly accurate and efficient.

Because your D-alignersTM are tailor-made during each stage of treatment, D-alignersTM can achieve an extremely high level of accuracy, so your teeth will straighten in the shortest possible time.

D-alignersTM are extremely comfortable.

Made entirely of high quality thermoplastic material, D-alignersTM have no metal or wires, so there is no need to undergo uncomfortable and inconvenient adjustments.

D-alignersTM ensure excellent cosmetic and oral health results.

D-alignersTM are completely removable, which means you can maintain your oral hygiene routine throughout the course of treatment. Regular brushing and flossing helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease, so you can enjoy improved appearance without compromising the health of your teeth.