DA benefits

D-alignersTM benefits

Correcteeth’s high quality D-alignersTM and unique working approach create a range of benefits for the patient and important advantages for you, the dental professional:

Accurate, effective aligners

With D-alignersTM, there is no guesswork based on computer model projections. Unlike our competitors, D-alignersTM are designed and manufactured during the treatment, based on impressions of the patient’s teeth taken at every stage. So you can be certain that D-alignersTM are the most accurate and effective solution on the market.

Cost efficient – pay as you go

D-alignersTM are produced with advanced 3D imaging software at each stage of treatment. Don’t pay upfront for a series of aligners that may or may not be accurate and effective. With D-alignersTM, pay as you go for each aligner set, based on actual impressions taken of the patient’s teeth during the treatment process.

Personal service with your local Correcteeth representative

Your local Correcteeth representative is your point of contact. Whether connecting by phone or online, you benefit from fast, efficient, personal service at every stage – from the development of the customized plan for your patient, to the production of new sets of aligners.

If you live in an area that does not have a local Correcteeth agent, you can still work directly with Correcteeth online.