How it works


4 Simple Steps

  1. Your local orthodontist or dental practitioner takes an impression (mold) of your teeth, as well as additional X-rays and images as required. From this information, the practitioner develops the ideal treatment plan for your individual case.
  2. The dental practitioner forwards your file to Correcteeth, where 3D imaging technology is used in conjunction with all your records to produce an effective treatment plan, to be approved by your dental practitioner. Then, transparent, high quality thermoplastic material aligners are specially designed according to your specific case to move your teeth in incremental stages to the desired position.
  3. At each visit to your orthodontist or dental practitioner, you will receive aligner sets of increasing thickness and increasing strength, to be worn over a period of approximately three months. You must wear the aligners for 22 hours per day, according to the schedule prescribed by your dental practitioner. D-alignersTM can be easily removed while you eat, brush or floss and also for special occasions.
  4. Your dental practitioner will take a new impression of your teeth every 3 months, on average. New aligner sets are tailor-made from this impression to replace the previous ones, and you will receive them from your dental practitioner.This process continues for the entire series of aligners, until your teeth have moved into the ideal position and the treatment is complete.