At the age of 65, I wasn’t sure that orthodontic treatment would work for me. Dr Golan recommended D-alignersTM. At our first appointment, he took impressions of my teeth. On my second consultation, he showed me computerized simulations of the movement of my teeth to a straight position. I asked him to show me again. Then I asked if he could really do that with my teeth. I was impressed with the technology and Dr Golan’s efforts to inform me of the entire process. This was what helped me make the decision to go with D-alignersTM. After just one year of treatment, I finally have the straight teeth I always wanted!

Patient of Dr Golan

For over two years, I’ve enjoyed the benefits of using D-alignersTM for most of my adult patients. I’ve been thrilled with the system, and so have my patients. The technology provides excellent results, while the aligners are comfortable to wear and user-friendly for patients. D-alignersTM offer an outstanding alternative for traditional braces.

Dr Kornhauser DMD

D-alignersTM offer a better option for patients who don’t want the inconvenience and appearance of braces. With D-alignersTM, patients can eat what they want, and this is a big advantage over other treatments. I’ve been using the D-alignersTM’s system for two years, and my patients are surprised at how effective the treatment is, especially when they look at the before & after photos of their teeth. I am delighted to have chosen to work with D-alignersTM.

Dr Cohen DMD

I’ve just finished treatment with my 50th D-alignersTM patient, and I have to say it really works. I have more control over the entire process, because I receive the D-alignersTM as I need them, not all at once at the first stage. This also helps me to keep costs down, which benefits both me and the patient.
My local Correcteeth representative has provided wonderful service with each treatment phase.
The structure of the D-alignersTM system is so easy to manage. One patient admitted to me that he was not wearing his aligners as much as he should be. I instructed him to wear the particular aligners for an extra two weeks, and the treatment continued on its successful course. This flexibility and control makes it much easier to get the results I want.
I definitely recommend D-alignersTM, and I’ll be continuing to use the product and service for every suitable patient.

Dr Hartman DDS